Friday, February 1, 2008

Telekom Austria Has 25K IPTV Subscribers

Telekom Austria ended 2007 with 25 thousand subscribers to its aonTV IPTV service. It is currently adding about 1,000 new subscribers per week. It plans to make the following enhancements to this service in 2008:
  • Increasing its video on demand library to 500 movies.
  • Offering Hollywood HD movies as part of its video on demand service.
  • Increasing the number of broadcast channels to 100.
  • Adding a pause/live feature that will make it possible to pause and continue watching both broadcast and video on demand programming.
  • The service will be made available to 50 percent of all Austrian households.
Telekom Austria moved from a trial to a commercial mode in 2007. The service is adding subscribers at a strong rate and should continue to do well.

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