Friday, February 29, 2008

Fastweb adds 100K IPTV Subscribers in 2007

Fastweb announced that its Gross Sales of its IPTV were 99.9 thousand new subscribers, which is a 10 percent increase over the 91 thousand new subscribers that it added in 2006. It added 43.7 thousand of these new subscribers in 4Q07, which is 73 percent up from 4Q06.

Fastweb credits the increase in IPTV sales in 4Q07 to the introduction of a TV only option in September 2006. The company stated that the churn rate of its IPTV service is 4 percent lower than its overall customer base. It also stated that its IPTV service provides upsell opportunities and helps to stabilize ARPU and improves customer retention.

I have asked Fastweb to clarify these numbers. In particular, I have request its total number of IPTV subscribers. It appears that my own estimates are fairly far off the mark right now. I will post any additional information that it sends me.

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