Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KPN Adds 83K Digital TV Subscribers in 2Q08

KPN ended 2Q08 with 636 thousand Digital TV subscribers at the end of 2Q08, and increase 83 thousand. These Digital TV subscribers includes both DVB-T digital terrestrial and IPTV subscribers. The company did not announce the size of its IPTV subscriber base. This gave KPN a 9 percent share of the Digital TV market in The Netherlands, an increase of one percent in the quarter.

KPN's Digital TV ARPU increased to 7 euros, up one euro during 2Q08. It dropped its charges for both its Digital TV services by 50 percent in 2007. It currently charges 5.84 euros per month for its DVB-T service and 8.36 euros per month for its IPTV service.

I believe that the KPN's IPTV service has only a small portion of these Digital TV subscribers. As usual, I take the fact that IPTV subscriber count was not announced as a sign the the number is small.

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