Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OKI Introduces Audience Rating System

Oki Electric announced its Audience Rating Information System for IPTV for the Japanese market, which collects viewership data. This system will enable service providers, with the authorization of the viewers, to obtain information about when and which channel and programs are watched.

The system will collect the viewership data in the form of an audience rating library on the user's device, which will then be encrypted, sent to and registered in the database server at the IPTV distribution center. This information will then be printed out as viewership reports which service providers can offer to program producers.

The audience rating library can be embedded in the set-top-boxes or in the TV with an integrated set-top box. Those who have STBs or TVs without the embedded library can connect a home gateway that has the audience rating library to collect viewership data. This system has been tested in IPTV applications that utilize mutli-casting. OKI will add the system to its product lines that includes the OKI MediaServer, the video distribution server for IPTV, plus home gateways and set-top-boxes.

Oki is one of the video on demand suppliers to NTT's IPTV services. Privacy is becoming a large issue with these systems as consumers come to understand what they are and how they are being deployed.

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