Sunday, July 20, 2008

UTStarcom Pioneering Metro IPTV Video Surveillance

I spoke with UTStarcom about its Safe-City video surveillance project in Benxi, China with China Netcom. UTStarcom's IPTV video system to receive video surveillance from about 1,000 cameras. It developed a backend that provides the ability to record the videos from all of these cameras in real time. This is like recording 1,000 TV channels at one time onto video on demand servers for an NPVR IPTV service.

UTStarcom said that its systems brings the advantages of digital technology such as higher image quality and lower costs to the surveillance application, which is generally implemented using analog technology today.

UTStarcom also said that this approach can give much more flexibility in viewing the recorded content. Its IPTV video system provides the ability to view surveillance videos over any broadband connection or even over mobile devices using Mobile TV technology.

It will be interesting to see if IPTV technology becomes broadly deployed in surveillance applications. I guess that there is a lot of additional work to get a system like this to scale up to 100 thousand or a million cameras. I would also think that archival storage of these videos will also be a real challenge, especially on a very large system.

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