Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nielson TV Viewing Numbers

Light Reading has published an article giving the results of the latest Nielson study of TV viewing in the U.S. Interesting conclusions from these numbers include:
  • About 55 percent of Internet users watch videos over the Internet
  • About 22 percent of TV viewers are using DVRs and is growing strongly
  • The number of mobile TV viewers is about 2 percent of the number of TV users
  • Average time spent watching Internet videos is only about 2 percent of the time watching TV
  • Mobile TV users watch it only about 3 percent of the time spent watching TV, however more than 3 hours a month is significant for such a small screen.
It is worth looking at the tables in the Light Reading article. While Internet video is getting a lot of attention, most people just do not watch it very much. Mobile TV has not caught on yet but appears to watched on a regular but casual basis.

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