Sunday, March 16, 2008

Microsoft Mediaroom Application Environment

Light Reading published an article describing a new version of the Microsoft IPTV software called Milwaukee. Microsoft calls Milwaukee the Multimedia Applications Environment (MAE). the MAE facilitates the development of new IPTV applications and the ability to pull in existing data feeds, including real-time updates, from websites to run concurrently on-screen with video streams; and the ability to build recommendation and personalization tools.

Microsoft gave demonstration of the streamed TV/Website data at the IPTV World Forum, using feeds and relevant background data from Nascar's Website, alongside and/or overlaid with video footage of a NASCAR race.

BT has expressed strong interest in using the capabilities of the NAE. The NAE is planned for a beta release in May 2008 and general release in August.

This is the kind of capability that Microsoft will need to takes its service provider customers to the next level of IPTV capability. It is certainly the kind of thing that they were banking on when they selected Mediaroom.

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