Saturday, March 8, 2008

Telecom Italia Misses 2007 IPTV targets

Telecom Italia ended 2007 with 80 thousand IPTV subscribers, which was well below its target of 200 thousand for the year. It stated that this shortfall was "due to slight delay on IPTV stabilization". It did end 2007 by adding 30 thousand IPTV subscribers in December.

Telecom Italia's current target is to end 2008 with 300 thousand IPTV subscribers.

Telecom Italia got off to a slow start with its IPTV service. It appears to me that it has had difficulty in managing its IPTV network. It currently uses Alcatel-Lucent's OMP IPTV middleware software, which is a well proved package. It is unlikely that this middleware is the source of its problems.

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