Monday, March 10, 2008

Verimatrix Introduces PC Video Player

Verimatrix introduced its ViewRight PC Player 2.0. This player uses Verimatrix's industrial grade content protection as part of the product. This player operates with the key management system that IPTV and other pay TV providers use to protect their content.

This player can be used by IPTV providers that use Verimatrix content security to deliver content to the PC as well as the TV. It could also be used by over the top Internet video providers that implement Verimatrix's content security.

I think that this kind of player could open PC delivery to a broader set of content. The broadcasters and the Hollywood studios should be significantly more comfortable with the security provided with this kind of system. They are likely to be more willing to provide the hottest titles to the PC that support this level of content security.

Verimatrix is a pioneer of this kind of player. Clearly, the other established content security companies can offer similar products and will as they become popular.

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