Thursday, March 13, 2008

Telecom Italia Rejects Microsoft Mediaroom

Apparently Telecom Italia made a decision not to use the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV software system that it had been testing its its labs for the last several years. The reports are that Telefonica preferred that that Telecom Italia use the MyView middleware software that it developed. Alcatel-Lucent took over the development and marketing of this package in 2006.

Telecom Italia has been using Alcatel-Lucent's OMP system since its IPTV service was introduced.

While this is a significant blow, Microsoft still has a large number of tier 1 service providers using its Mediaroom software. This loss does not threaten the eventual market dominance that we projected for Microsoft in our report Global Opportunities in Wireline Broadband Networks.

It is clear that Telecom Italia will need to move from OMP to another middleware package. Moving to My View will at least keep it within the Alcatel-Lucent orbit.

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