Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Neuf Cegetel Targets 1 Million IPTV Subscribers in 2008

Neuf Cegetel has set a target to grow from its current base of 750 thousand IPTV subscribers to 1 million by the end of 2008.

Neuf Cegetel is introducing a new video on demand service based on content from the top French studios as well as leading Hollywood studios. Its video on demand service will offer 3,500 films and 5,000 TV programs.

Neuf Cegetel has also developed Pure Pixel, a technology for enhancing the reliability of IP video. This system involves real time retransmission and end-to-end correction of data lost between the network and the customer’s set-top box. It will be available to all Neuf TV HD customers, and be phased in gradually across the channels from May 2008, reaching all channels in the Neuf TV service by next autumn.

Neuf Cegetel is in good shape to achieve this goal. IPTV has been widely accepted in France. These two new services will support its efforts to increase its TV customer base.

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