Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Neuf Cegetel FTTH Plans

Neuf Cegetel joins France Telecom and Free in France with FTTH deployment plans. It ended 2007 with 130 thousand homes passed by fiber and 20 thousand subscribers. It plans to invest 300 million euros to pass 1 million homes by the end of 2009. It expects to have 250 thousand FTTH subscribers at that time.

Neuf Cegetel is targeting over 500 thousand homes in Paris and its suburbs based on successful cooperation with local authorities. It also has public/private partnerships in Rennes, Bordeaux, and Grand Nancy and agreements with municipalities in Toulouse and Strasbourg.

FTTH is moving forward based on partnerships that spread the risk. The competitive structure of the French market has facilitated fiber. The incumbent is not able to control the situation as is the case in the U.S.

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