Saturday, August 2, 2008

Telekom Austria at 50K IPTV Subscribers

Telekom Austria now has 50 thousand IPTV subscribers, this is up 11.4 thousand from the end of 1Q08.

The company is running a summer promotion that provides the aonTV basic package free for the first six months. Subsequently, there will be a charge of 4.90 euros monthly in addition to the broadband line starting at 15.98 euros per month. During this promotion the first set-top box costs 29.90euros .

The basic package has 65 TV channels. For 7.90euros per month the Premium TV package offers an additional 21 entertaining channels such as National Geographic, Disney Channels, E!Entertainment and kabel eins classics. For The aonTV video on demand library has up to 300 films. Films in HD quality, time-delayed and ORF information programs that can also be viewed on demand.

Telekom saw a bit of a slow down in 2Q08, but its summer promotion should help it get through the summer doldrums.

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